Sacred Energy Alignments

Improve yourself. Improve your business


Life coaching is an inherent part of any personal or professional development program. 

With Sacred Energy Alignments there is no 'soul searching' and hours of coaching. Our processes have you quickly start to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with work and life. We employ sacred techniques to take you from your current situation to exceeding your own expectations and realizing the desired outcomes you’ve set for yourself. 

We’re professionals in redesigning your life using in-depth methods that are proven to be effective

Rhonda has over 25 years of experience as a business strategist and management consultant helping businesses to grow and develop. She works to understand your needs and where you want to be personally and professionally.

She has pursued her own personal development for over thirty years. This journey has included becoming a Reiki Master, an Isis Seichim Master, Changemaker and Sacred Activations Practitioner.  

She has travelled to many of the sacred energy sites around the world including many locations in Egypt, South of France, England, Peru, New Zealand, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Spain and Bali.