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Customised Personal Sacred Energy Alignments Session



What you may experience from a totally customised, private, ‘one to one’ session:


  • Align your energy to achieve your goals.
  • Clear blocks that are holding you back so you can heal yourself.
  • Create a new relationship with yourself.
  • Clear aspects of your energy that are keeping you from achieving your desired outcomes.
  • Understand why you attract certain people and experiences to your life.
  • Improve relationships with others, family, at work or in business and all areas of your life.


This consultation gives you the opportunity to explain what you are seeking and the changes that you would like to experience for Sacred Energy Alignments. The duration will usually be approximately 45 -60 minutes with no extra charge if the consultation goes a little longer. All payments are in AU $

Please contact Rhonda via email at [email protected] with your prefered day and time. You will be contacted with confirmation of the day and time. Please also send a Skype request to rhonda.l.thomson, or telephone number if preferred

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