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Creating New Earth - small group - held in Darwin NT Australia


You are invited to join a small group of like-minded souls to join with me for regular interactive, confidential zoom sessions. This is vastly different to what many others are currently offering. I will NOT be sharing or broadcasting these sessions on Facebook. They will NOT be one sided. You will be able and invited to speak, contribute and participate. These gatherings are to provide the opportunity to be in a safe, private group where what is tabled and discussed will remain totally confidential to the group. Each member of the group will be able to share and discuss within the session, as called to do so. As moderator and facilitator, I will bring to the group a fair, open forum, where each will be equal and valued. As guided, and where appropriate, healings and energy alignments will be incorporated for the group's benefit. Membership is very limited to provide the space for each to contribute to discussions as guided. The exchange for this will be AU $35.00 per session. Held weekly at 2pm Saturdays. Venue advises upon exchange. Contact Rhonda at [email protected] for payment options and to secure your place. You will know if you are meant to be in this group.

Do you agree to keep all discussions within sessions totally private and confidential? Agreeing not to share these in any way.

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