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POSTPONED! watch out for new dates when available.

Do you have the calling to visit Egypt? 2020 is shaping up to be a powerful year and Egypt provides the answer to your inner call to unite with its Sacred mysteries.

Having visited Egypt five times previously, I have experienced profound life changes after each visit. Being in the sacred sites of the temples along the Nile and the Pyramids of Giza is a feeling you never forget. Powerful connection can be felt to the Ancients, Galactics, the dimensions and the NOW.

A private visit to the Sphinx is both awesome and magnetic. This area of the Sphinx is closed to the general public, but our special permission allows us to visit in total privacy. Normally only possible to see from a distance, we will have a firsthand experience of its majestic power.

Acoustics in the King’s Chamber are so phenomenal that the sound literally echoes through the whole structure, creating an incredible frequency that has a profound effect on the chakras, especially the heart centre, literally lifting our vibration and our consciousness to greater heights. Our private visit will not disappoint!

Each Temple and sacred site strikes a different chord within and provides a unique sacred experience. You may find that one temple or sacred location particularly resonates with you and provides you with the keys to your next stage of spiritual and energetic development.

One of my favourite things while travelling in Egypt is cruising the Nile. Standing on deck in the afternoons after temple expeditions, it feels like the ‘river of life’ and it has always touched right to my soul. I feel the transformations happening within.

Egypt always provides surprises. What is planned has a habit of changing in Egypt, which is due to the sacred energy and the energy of each group. Be prepared for changes and be delighted with the unexpected. Go with the flow!

Visiting Egypt is really a special privilege. A real once in a lifetime experience, which will stay with you for life. It is like no other destination.

Group leader and facilitator - Rhonda Thomson

Rhonda has pursued her own personal development for over thirty years. This journey has included becoming a Reiki Master, an Isis Seichim Master, Changemaker and Sacred Activations Practitioner among other development courses. 

Although initiated as a healer, she has used her abilities in the corporate sector to facilitate growth and development of companies and business owners. Her philosophy is that we heal ourselves. She aligns her client’s energy bodies, applying Sacred Energy Alignments, so the individual can then facilitate their own healing. This also results in the removal of unwanted fears, habits and beliefs so they feel much clearer and freer.

She has travelled to many of the sacred power sites around the world including many locations in Egypt, South of France, England, Italy, Peru, New Zealand, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Spain and Bali.

Itinerary for Sacred Alignment Egyptian Tour (POSTPONED FROM June 2020) New dates announced soon

The Egyptians saw their land as a sacred reflection of heaven on earth and perceived the Nile as the earthly mirror of the Milky Way, the celestial river. We are called to sail upon this Celestial river to align with her Divine energy and to awaken our energetic power as well as experience the higher consciousness of ancient Egypt. As we connect with the 7 chakras of the Nile we activate the higher chakras within. 10 days of meditation, reconnection to ancient wisdom, reconnection to the cosmos and our own inner beingness.

Enjoy fun, laughter and friendship, join us on this journey of enlightenment! As we align with the ancient energies of Egypt, we understand the true meaning of One-ness we feel excitement yet may be challenged as we experience harmony and yet heal our discord.

9 June 2020 Day 1: Welcome to Cairo Your tour manager will meet and assist you at Cairo International Airport, he will assist with obtaining your Egypt visa, then escort you to the hotel by exclusive air-conditioned deluxe vehicle. At the hotel the tour manager will assist with a smooth check-in and review your spiritual holiday itinerary with you to establish and confirm pick-up times for each tour we will check in our 5 stars hotel pyramid view, gather our group for our Welcome with your host (Rhonda Thomson), and begin to set our intentions for this sacred pilgrimage to the heart of you, we will enjoy our welcome dinner.



10 June 2020 Day 2: Private Sphinx, Sakkara Pyramid. We start our tour with a very special private visit to the Giza Plateau, with nobody present except our group. Awaken and dress for Sunrise, standing between the Paws of The Great Sphinx. As you come alive, you will hear the incredible sounds of the entire city being called to prayer. You’ll open your inner door and listen, feeling the energy of this incredible place… We’ll return to our hotel for hot buffet breakfast, then we are off. In the afternoon we travel by air-conditioned bus to Sakkara, where we visit the remarkable Step Pyramid of Djoser, and its temple of sound and healing.

Sakkara was masterminded by Imhotep, the high priest, vizier and architect to King Djoser during Dynasty III. This magnificent site includes other Old Kingdom tombs, among them those that hold the earliest known hieroglyphs, the Pyramid Texts that were the model for the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

(B & D) 

11 June Day 3: Egyptian Museum and fly to Luxor. Following breakfast, we visit the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to view the spiritual legacy of priest kings, queens, scribes and healers. The museum holds an astounding collection of Egyptian antiquities and exhibits over 120,000 artefacts, including those magnificent treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamen. Here you’ll catch your first glimpse of all the goddesses of Egypt, rendered in hieroglyphs and reliefs, brought to 3-dimensional life in stone, and witness the legacy of the supposed “heretic pharaoh, Akhenaton, the first monotheist.

After museum, in the afternoon we then go to Cairo airport for our short flight to Luxor and then check into our 5-star hotel.

(B & D) 

12 June Day 4: Dendara and Abydos. This morning we head to Dendara to visit the exquisite temple dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of abundance, love and joy. The temple is built with a zodiacal ceiling that recalls the origins of Egypt. In the birthing room where Hathor’s priestesses gathered to bring forth new life thousands of years ago, we are also reborn, one of many times on this journey.

We then continue north to the temple at Abydos, dedicated to Osiris and housing the nine great beings (the Ennead). These temples rest next to and above the most ancient Osirian, one of the premier power places on the planet. It includes a more recent temple built by Seti I, which contains the most beautiful bas relief of any temple in Egypt.

(B, D)

13 June Day 5: Check out of our hotel. Visit the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon and check in on our Nile Cruise then later in the day a visit to Luxor Temple. This morning we will visit the Necropolis of Thebes on the West Bank of the Nile. The West Bank where the Valley of Kings holds the tombs of the pharaohs that are inscribed with sacred transformative texts, including the books of knowing light and dark, the book of what is in the underworld, the book of caverns, and naming and taming the hours of the night. Here are the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramses III and VII, Seti I, Thutmosis III, and many others, then visit Hatshepsut temple. We will also visit the Colossi of Memnon, which stand guard, not isolated, but at the front of a temple larger than any yet discovered

Check in on our Nile Cruise boat.

We will visit to the Temple of Luxor and work with the brilliance of the human body. Here we are able to see that this temple is built like a human body—the outer layers represent the feet and as we move deeper into the temple, we move towards the head, where the holy of holies, the inner sanctuary is located. This is a wonderful place to focus on physical healing.

(B, L & D)


14 June Day 6: Karnak Temple and start sailing Early morning, we visit the magnificent Karnak Temple, Karnak is the biggest temple complex in Egypt - and a very special place. It is dedicated to the God Amun and Mut. As you enter, you walk between rows of rams-headed sphinxes, which originally connected Karnak with Luxor Temple three miles away. Take some time to visit the sacred lake of Karnak, ask for purification and place your intention in your mind's eye into the lake, outside the main halls is a small chapel dedicated to Sekhmet, her consort Ptah and their son Nefertum. Sekhmet is the lioness Goddess of compassion and courage. She is associated with feminine fire and healing through destruction. She is a renowned healer and known for her magic and ability to hunt down an imbalance at its origin.

Then back to the boat for lunch and start our sail.

(B, L & D)

15 June Day 7: EDFU Temple and Konombo Temple. This morning after breakfast we will visit Edfu temple, as we move to Edfu we see the struggle of good and bad through the story of Isis, Osiris, Set and Horus. Horus is associated with higher vision and clarity. The eye of Horus greatly relates to his myth and power. The left eye represents the lunar, the moon, the intuitive, the feminine energy. The right eye is connected to the solar, the masculine, the action, and the yang energy. Both are necessary for true power to exist, Horus was married to the Goddess Hathor, and his temple is a mirror image of Dendara, dedicated to Hathor (another example of this balance of the divine feminine and masculine). In a private ceremony, we will work with balancing the lunar and the solar energies inside of us and awaken our intuitive centres to call in a higher perspective. At Edfu temple you will connect with your hidden emotions. We will visit the sanctuary in the rear of the temple - temple of Horus – his energy is still very preventive. We move towards Aswan and sail on the backbone of this divine being we come into contact with the temple of Konombo at the Navel Chakra. This temple is dedicated to two gods, Sobek and Ra Hr Akhty. Sobek is the crocodile god which represents the Lower Self, and the god Ra Hr Akhty - Horus who Is In the heaven represents the Higher Self, this temple holds the Atlantic energy. If you are ready for this experience you will detach from the struggles of own higher and lower self, to let go of fear and negativity as we see the struggle between the higher and lower selves depicted on the temple walls.

(B, L & D) 

16 June Day 8: Philae Temple early morning, where we will enjoy our visit to Isis temple and return to the source of all, the Great Mother, to receive the blessings of Isis at her beautiful island temple at Philae. This isle represents a fusion of three great civilizations – Egyptian, Greek and Roman. The presence of Isis is palpable in the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies of her temple. This will uplift and awaken your soul - it is often many guests’ favourite spot in all of Egypt.

Back to the boat and check out from our boat and check into our 5-star hotel.

(B, L & D) 

17 June Day 9: Back to Cairo This morning we fly back to Cairo and check into our 5 Star Cairo hotel.

(B & D) 

18 June Day 10: Great Pyramid / Farewell Dinner. Early morning, we will have a special private visit inside the Great Pyramid culminating in a private visit of the King’s Chamber. Here, we experience the final alignment as we come into our own Divine nature, aligning with Goddess energy, merging the Divine Masculine and Feminine as well as the ancient wisdom keepers who have come before.

This evening, we have a closing discussion within the group and a Farewell dinner, basking in the reflection of our shared Egyptian experience.

(B & D)


19 June Day 11: Final Departure. We transfer to Cairo airport for final departure. Our memories will last a lifetime, and our transformations carry the new energies back with us.


What’s Provided in Our All-Inclusive Egyptian Tour ……..

Included in Tour Price:

  • Round-trip airport transfers and meet and greet service.
  • Private deluxe, airconditioned transportation to and from daily group outings.
  • Private tour guide (English speaking).
  • Domestic flights with transfers to tour destinations.
  • All sightseeing tours on the itinerary including entry fees.
  • Multiple exclusive private tours including entry and gratuity
  • 5-star Hotel accommodations and 5-star lodging on Nile cruise boat
    • 4 nights in Cairo
    • 4 nights on the Nile cruise
    • 2 nights in Luxor hotel
  • Group meals including tips (not including alcoholic beverages) 
  • Wi-Fi Service Upon Availability
  • Bottled water during outings

Not Included in Tour Price:

  • International airfare to Cairo Egypt
  • Entry VISA fees ($25.00 USD) This can be purchase on arrival at Cairo International Airport with the assistance of Publish our tour guide.
  • Personal spending
  • Service charges, taxes, and gratuities for hotel, restaurant, and cruise boat crew
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Hotel room service
  • Laundry services

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